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The Aidan Jack "Live Kind" Memorial Fund

Created from grief and love

At the time of his passing, Aidan was 13-1/2 year old, 8th grader at Columbiana Middle School. All who knew him said that he had such a wonderful personality, was a hard worker and always willing to lend a hand, went out of his way to include everyone and be encouraging, he was selfless and a bit of a jokester. We asked friends and family to think about Aidan and tell us what his most outstanding characteristics were. The list was quite touching. The most repeated were genuine, charismatic, witty, and artistic, with a smile for everyone he met, a "bear hug" for those in need, and a radiant soul that could light up a room.

As parents, we tried to install these qualities, with all our boys, as well as being helpful, considerate, and compassionate, but Aidan had to always prove that he was just as capable as his older brothers, and better, when he could, made an impact on many people. After his death, we received message after message, about what a sweet, kind, caring, helpful, well-mannered, and respectful young man he was. These messages were not just from his friends, but from other students, in multiple grade levels.

We also received the same sentiments from teachers, school staff, and parents as they came to pay their respects to us. As heartwarming as this was, how nice would it have been, to have been acknowledged for this when he was here to hear it? Aidan was the young man that tried to be kind to everyone. He was helpful, courteous, witty, charismatic, he always tried to make sure everyone was included. Aidan had a smile for everyone, and a word of encouragement, or hug for those having a bad day. He tried to see the good in people and spread kindness by sharing his light.

We are keeping his light shining bright by encouraging all to "Live kind".

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